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Do you want a fence from Poland?

THOR Hegn from Poland will gladly implement your orders for gates, sliding gates, wickets, spans, balustrades, handrails, as well as carports or garden pavilions while maintaining the highest quality of the product and customer service from the order to installation.

With THOR Hegn, you are guaranteed that we will handle everything. All we ask of you is that you check our product after installation. Our experience in the production of fences together with professional machines and tools are a guarantee of the quality of your fence from Poland.


We encourage you to use our services for a few simple reasons:

  • English-speaking customer service
  • Hegn from Poland at the highest level
  • Professional measurements and consulting at your location
  • Transparent valuation
  • Reference addresses
  • The possibility of monitoring your order through photos and videos from the production stages
  • Skilled artisans with extensive experience in Hegn
  • Possibility of producing any fence design specified by the customer
  • We work with the best available materials and tools
  • You can visit us any time and over a cup of coffee talk to us or see the current stage of production of your order
  • Own transport
  • Experienced English-speaking installation crew
  • 5-year warranty and post-warranty service
To sum up, you get the highest quality gate, wicket gate, fence, balustrade, garden pavilion and many other products at the Polish price.

Execution of the order

The implementation of the order begins with the cutting of steel according to the technical drawing; then we weld the construction according to the order; the welded elements go to the grinding workshop to eliminate traces of processing and to check the dimensions against the technical drawing.

The prepared elements are placed on racks and await transport to one of the galvanising plants (Wiegel or ZINQ).


Upon arrival from the galvanising plant, all elements such as gates, sliding gates, spans, wicket gates, posts, fencing elements are checked for proper galvanisation and damage.

After inspecting your metal fence, the entire order is sandblasted to prepare it for powder coating.


Before powder coating the entire order is heated in the furnace and upon cooling down the appropriate powder coating is applied and then the whole fence is heated again in the furnace, depending on the paint type 140°-200°.

After removing the fence from the oven, it is checked for proper painting, and all elements of the fence are re-counted for quantity conformity with the technical drawing.


We attach all elements on-site; the lock handles, inserts and hinges to ensure a perfect fit. If the fence meets our standards, the order is reported to the office as ready, and a date is agreed for the assembly of the fence.

The assembly team arrives at the agreed time and date with the fence, and after remeasuring and verifying them with the drawing, they begin the installation work.


Our teams are communicative in English, and their experience is a guarantee of well-executed work for which you are issued with a warranty.

After the installation, they are obliged to clean up after themselves and leave the on-site tidy.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us or check our FAQ.

We are ready for new challenges!

We are ready to take up the challenges posed to us by our customers, which means that the list of products we can produce is still open.

Our crew likes to undertake projects where the materials used require a deviation in the standards of work on the metal fence. We always try to look at such works from the customer's perspective. When in doubt, we prefer to take a few photos and ask the customer if it is the desired effect.

Our projects

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